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EXECUTIVE LEVEL (Directors, CEOs, VIPs, General Managers)

Premium Quality Writers, PhDs, Professional Resume Writers, MBAs

As a seasoned professional, a senior manager, or an aspiring C-level executive, you know all too well what makes some people successful and others not. You can see the big picture. You have a macro vision. You see trends, patterns, and opportunities and you act on them to optimize processes, generate revenue, and beat the competition. We understand you all too well, as we are an elite and highly qualified group of professional writers with a wealth of experience and an impressive national and international publication record. 


Our executive resume writing team consists of Professors (PhDs), Professional Resume Writers, HR Managers, and Professional Writers from multiple industries, including Business, Legal, Healthcare, Social Assistance, IT, Construction, Oil & Gas, Educational, Finance & Insurance, Public Administration, Real Estate, Retail, and more.


We generate Executive Resumes with a "punch" which are Brand Driven, Visually Appealing, Achievements Based, and Keyword Rich.  Our mandate is to facilitate a bridge between your experience and your career target by enhancing the written and presentational aspect of your professional narrative. In other words, we are your HR lawyers or your marketologists. We promote your case and we "sell" you to the highest bidder. 


      Why Choose ResumeModern?


            Exclusive Writing Group - PhDs, Professional Resume Writers, MBAs, HR Experts

            Our writers include Professors from Canadian Universities and former hiring

            managers with a national and international publishing record.   

      60-Day Interview Guarantee

           We guarantee that you will get noticed! Within the last year, 98.5% of our clients

           received job interviews in 60 days or less.


           10+ Years' Experience

           We composed thousands of successful resumes and cover letters in the past 10

           years, helping many Canadians and new immigrants integrate within the local,

           national, and international economies.

     100% Satisfaction Guarantee

           We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the product and services you receive. We will

            address any of your concerns for free within the first 2 weeks.  


           Personalized and User Friendly Service

           Leave it up to us to create a product for you which will serve your interest best.

What's Included?


All Packages come with Free Consultation, Personal Branding, Free Revisions, Final Documents (WORD/PDF), 60-day Interview Guarantee, and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


Payment Options


We accept PayPal, all major credit cards, and Interact Email Transfer. E-transfers and PayPal email transfers should be sent to

There are 2 payment options: a) to pay the full amount upfront, or b) deposit 50% and pay the rest when the job is done. For option B, enter promo code 'DEPOSIT' in the coupon area of the shopping cart, just before checking out.

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